Moulin Rouge

Cabaret & Shows: Moulin Rouge, Au Lapin Agile

If you travel to Paris, you travel to see its glorious architecture, enjoy beautiful parks, visit a museum or two for an unforgettable art experience and, probably, have some fun. Thankfully, there are a number of venues throughout Paris that stage unforgettable cabaret and other shows, for a hefty price, mostly. However, don’t let the price be an obstacle, but an indicator. After all, when did you experienced something outstanding for a low price the last time?

Moulin Rouge

The Moulin Rouge is among the most iconic places you can visit in Paris, which stages unbelievable shows. The cabaret venue came into existence in the 19th century, when Montmartre was a neighborhood with a notorious reputation. Among other things, prostitution flourished in Montmartre, and the Moulin Rouge was an establishment where the prostitutes (let’s say) performed for their patrons. That’s how the famous cancan dance originated.
Of course, today’s cancan is widely different, but a touch of naughtiness remains. Beautiful and young girls that perform dance are another thing that remains unchanged. The show includes sumptuous and extravagant costumes that more hint than conceal. Shows take place on the stage illuminated by soft red light from stylish lamps and decorated with mural paintings.

You can enjoy the performance with champagne or dinner if you prefer. However, make sure to reserve your seat well in advance since the Moulin Rouge’s shows are in high demand. As the best things to do in Paris usually are.

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Au Lapin Agile

Au Lapin Agile

You may have not heard about the Au Lapin Agile as a must-see place to visit in Paris. But, if you fancy attending an authentic cabaret show that hasn’t changed a bit since the 19th century (and for an acceptable price), the Au Lapin Agile certainly deserves to be on your ‘Things to do in Paris’ list.

Shows taking place in Au Lapin Agile include piano playing and singing, with some songs dating back to the 15th century. The performers sing solo and in groups. The cabaret venue’s ambience is also noteworthy. It features various paintings and authentic furnishings. Pay attention to the tables’ carvings. The Au Lapin Agile was popular among the artists who lived in Montmartre, and they carved their autographs on the tables and chairs. Who knows, you might be just sitting at the place once assumed by Picasso or Toulouse-Lautrec.

As for the paintings, those were the payment method of the artists for their drinks. In the 19th century, most artists were penniless, being able to afford to live only in notorious Montmartre, where criminal flourished.

Le Lido

Le Lido

The Le Lido is another internationally acclaimed cabaret venue, featuring high-class performances and a great deal of nakedness. The venue is located on the Champs-Elysees and its shows are rated among the best such in the world. Hence, if you travel to Paris for an entertainment, find your way to the Le Lido.

Beautiful girls and muscular boys demonstrate utmost mastery, performing on the ice rink and in the stage pool. The present show ‘Paris Wonders’ involves an abundance of visual effects, including water jets from the pool and high-tech imagery. Costumes comprising feathers, sequins and rhinestones additionally contribute to the show’s extravaganza, sensuality and colorfulness.

Le Lido is among must-visit places in Paris for fans of spectacle, yet you need to book your table well in advance. You can opt for a dinner or a complementary drink, but it isn’t mandatory. Anyway, the show is quite enough by itself.

Le Crazy Horse

Le Crazy Horse

While in the Moulin Rouge and Le Lido you can enjoy a meal during the performance, Le Crazy Horse doesn’t allow such a distraction. Here, you are supposed only to watch and wet your mouth with champagne, if need be. And, it surely will be needed.

Le Crazy Horse’s cabaret performances focus on the beauty of the woman’s body, with other details kept to the bare minimum. As the girls perform on the stage, you will have an opportunity to realize that their bodies are not just perfectly proportioned, but almost identical. Strategically placed mirrors, rainbow lights and ideally dosed light and darkness perfectly underline the show’s sensuality and stunning choreography.
Le Crazy Horse performances aren’t as reputed as those at the Moulin Rouge and Le Lido, but are among must-see cabaret shows at least once in a lifetime. So, if you travel to Paris, include Le Crazy Horse among the places to visit in the French capital.

Paradis Latin

You should also consider to include the Paradis Latin among the places to visit in Paris for a couple of reasons. It is another cabaret venue with a long history, performances include the acrobats’ exhibitions and the atmosphere is more intimate than in most venues.

The venue stages glamorous shows, with delighting singing and dancing performances, heart-stopping acrobatics and the unicyclist’s stunts. In the Paradis Latin, you can enjoy the celebrated cancan dance, which is the highlight of the performance, and exquisite costumes, as well.

The Paradis Latin is a cheaper performing arts venue than the Moulin Rouge and Le Lido, and highly recommended as a place to spend a nice evening in Paris. Delicious dinner is served before the show begins and you can enjoy specially selected wines. Considering everything, the Paradis Latin a place you must visit in Paris.

Other recommended places to visit in Paris

The Folies Bergere is a lesser-known Paris cabaret among the tourists, but is loved by the Parisians, which tells a lot. The Folies Bergere stages contemporary and modern shows, including concerts, one-man shows and musicals in the original, 19th century ambience.

The Aux Trois Maillets is one more place you should check for a premium entertainment. Although it somehow avoids a wider tourist attention, the venue promises an unforgettable experience. After all, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday and a couple of other famous artists didn’t perform here for nothing, right? Located near the Notre Dame Cathedral, on the southern bank, the Aux Trois Maillets allows you to unwind until late (early) hours. With the wonderful music, contagious vibe and nice looking dancers, you will find yourself dancing on tables before you realize.


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