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Clubs and Cafes You Simply Must Visit in Paris

Many interesting places to visit and things to do in Paris make it a city most people dream of. As you walk its wide avenues, long streets and narrow alleys, you keep constantly being pleasantly surprised by an architectural detail, a little charming square or something else. Clubs, restaurants and cafes tend to do exactly the same, given a chance. So, make sure to check out some of the following recommended places during your trip to Paris.


L’Improbable is a cozy café, designed like a chaotic study of a horticulturist. Ferns, occasional flower and other plants are the main decoration of the café, while its mouthwatering sandwiches come in many varieties. Whether you eat meat or are a vegetarian, you can pick out your favorite sandwich from a variety of options. Organic soft drinks, coffee and tea are on offer, too. Finally, don’t be satisfied only to observe L’Improbable’s ambience. Feel free to explore a bit.

Le Café des Chats

The Cats’ Café is certainly going to relax you no matter how edgy you may be. You can enjoy a drink or a meal in the company of a dozen likable feline beings, which might sleep next to you or “keep a watch over you” from a basket atop an improvised staircase. Since the café is the cats’ home that are regularly vaccinated and cared about, you‘ll be informed about the rules. Once you accept them, enjoy lunch, dinner or a drink in such a unique place in Paris. And don’t be alarmed if a cat jumps on your table. After all, they are just curious and endlessly friendly beings.


If you are a fan of an excellent drop and adventure, Moonshiner is among the best places to visit in Paris for you. A famous speakeasy bar features the 1920s style; it is dimly lit and serves American classic drinks. Besides, Moonshiner offers a quest of a sort to its guests. There is a safe in the bar that is free to be – cracked. The safe is stuffed with specially selected drinks, and if you manage to crack it, you are free to take at your departure whatever you please from it. Worth a try, wouldn’t you agree?

Dans Le Noir?

Probably not an experience many people look after, but very interesting, nevertheless. “In the Dark?” restaurant is another place you can engage in doing unusual things while in Paris. Inform the staff as you enter about potential allergies, take a seat and enjoy your meal (whichever it is) in the pitch dark. You’ll be guided by blind waiters, who might mix you and your couple up with other people. But don’t worry; you’ll be placed near or next to your couple. Since you won’t be able to rely on your eyesight, you can enjoy the full potential of other senses (taste, smell and hearing) while dining.

Used Book Café

If you wouldn’t mind a literary experience while touring cafes, then Used Book Café is the place for you to visit while in Paris. You can take a seat in a cozy chair or a couch, pick out a book from floor to ceiling shelves, and spend the entire day here if you feel up to. The owner is exceptionally friendly, ask her whatever interests you and you’ll get the best assistance. You should order scones to enjoy with an iced-tea, which are the café’s specialties. Also, have fresh squeezed lemonade and a chocolate cake. If you got stuffed with a lot of sugar here or somewhere, the “detox” juice is your savior.

Le Bus Palladium

Le Bus Palladium is a trendy dance club you should check out during your trip to Paris. A two-level club spins a wide range of different musical styles, including rap, disco, rock ‘n’ roll, funk and else. Even if you aren’t crazy about dancing, you’ll certainly enjoy a fine dinner and great cocktails. As for the club’s performances, you can count on terrific shows by excellent bands, accompanied by sound mixing and outstanding light shows.


If dancing under the stars would be among your favorite things to do in Paris, seek out Wanderlust, a terrace bar and a night club. The club usually plays electro, house and new disco music, and you can dance until dawn here. Additionally, you can enjoy your dancing experience with a view over the Seine River.

Café de la Nouvelle Mairie

The Latin Quarter is an iconic neighborhood and one of the must-see places to visit in Paris, renowned for many fine restaurants and cafes. Café de la Nouvelle Mairie is one such, where you can dine very well for affordable prices. Here, you can enjoy your meal or drink with the sounds of jazz music in a cozy ambiance. Don’t leave the café before you taste some of its blackboard-chalked natural wines. As for the meals, you have a wide array of delicious dishes to choose from for the price range between 6 and 25 euros per dish.

Brewberry Cave a Bieres

Although you probably don’t travel to Paris because of beer, you can have a wide range of beers in Brewberry. The place serves beers from many parts of the world, including Belgium, American, Norwegian and German beers among many others. Brewberry has a lot of beers in its assortment you probably didn’t hear of. See to come here during Happy Hour, when you get 50% off your second beer since you may find original prices a bit higher than you would expect. Anyway, you are hardly to find a better selection of beers anywhere in Paris.

La Grande Mosque restaurant

The La Grande Mosque restaurant is one more recommended place to visit in Paris. It serves various Arab specialties, including Turkish coffee, chicken and lamb meals and North African pastries. The restaurant features Moroccan tiles and Arabesque arches. It is located within the complex of a large mosque, and is flanked by a Moorish garden. The patio is surrounded by beautiful fountains.

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