Top Amusement and Theme Parks of Paris

Opportunities for getting entertained in Paris are vast, and a couple of well-reputed amusement and theme parks are where you should seek out the best of them. In these parks, you can enjoy a variety of thrilling rides, shows, get reminded of carefree childhood and much more. For some of them, a brief visit would suffice, while for the others, even a full day might seem too short.

Disneyland Park

The Disneyland Park, the 1st park of the Disneyland Paris, is where all the magic you dreamed of while you were kids comes forth. It remains unclear who entertains themselves better in the Disneyland Park – the adults or the children. What is important, though, is that no one leaves the amusement park unsatisfied save because the closing time came too soon.

The expansive park features 5 different theme areas abundant with spectacular attractions, fairy tale displays, Disney characters’ parades and high and low-adrenaline rides… Among everything else, you can set out on a space mission, get acquainted with a princess, discover pirate hideouts, get lost in Alice’s Wonderland and visit Sleeping Beauty’s enchanted castle.

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If you are a fan of thrilling rides, check out the Thunder Mountain. You will be transported from deep mines to the mountain peaks faster than you would wish while abysses keep opening in front of you. But, to find out how being reborn truly feels like, take the Space Mountain ride. Moderate alternatives do exist, and Pirates of the Caribbean and Peter Pan’s Flight are some of them.

The Disneyland Park disposes of all necessary facilities for the entire day’s stay. So, use the opportunity to thoroughly explore the Disney world and attend breathtaking Disney Dreams closing show that features dancing fountains, grand fireworks and mesmerizing visual effects.

Walt Disney Studios

Another amusement park of the Disneyland Paris pays homage to the movie industry, with various entertaining rides for all ages and interesting attractions. In the Walt Disney Studios, for example, you can find out how movies were created from the 1930s onward, take a look behind the scenes and even find yourself in action in some legendary movie scenes.

Additional entertaining opportunities include talking to Stitch, riding a racing car at full speed, shifting in size as you dodge various obstacles, exploring a coral reef with Nemo and much more. You can also find out how it feels like to fly. If you consider yourself bold, you have ample opportunities to test your courage. For instance, start with surviving the meteor shower and end with the Tower of Terror ride. The latter is certainly among the scariest rides ever; you will be confined in an elevator while the thing travels beyond the speed of gravity.

If your time is limited to a couple of hours, it should be enough for you to explore the Walt Disney Studios.

Parc Asterix

Adventures of the popular Gallic heroes that make Caesar’s and the lives of the Roman legionaries miserable await you in the Parc Asterix, another very popular amusement park near Paris. Besides various roller coaster rides, some of which are nothing less thrilling than those in the Disneyland, the adults and the kids usually find ghost trains and water slides pretty enjoyable. The Parc Asterix also stages interesting live shows. For example, you would certainly like to witness the clash between the Galls and the Romans, or to attend a spectacle performed by dolphins and sea lions.

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The journey takes you further through ancient Egypt and Greece. In the Osiris roller coaster ride, you probably won’t be sure whether your head is above your feet, but you will be certain about one thing – the time for landing won’t come as soon as you would wish. The Thunder of Zeus will be hardly better; this intense ride produces a great deal of vibrations.

Finally, pay a visit to the village of Asterix and Obelix or walk the medieval streets of Paris, the world ruled by knights and shaped by craftsmen.

Jardin d’Acclimatation

Located at the outskirts of the Bois de Boulogne, next to the Fondation Louis Vuitton, the Jardin d’Acclimatation is an engaging park full of fun. While the children can enjoy various playgrounds and rides, the adults can take pleasure in walking the beautifully landscaped environment. Although the theme park isn’t a zoo, of course, you can find many animal species coexisting in harmony. The tamest of them are even allowed to roam freely. Besides animals, you can also examine exotic gardens in the shade of high trees.

Children playgrounds are numerous, but note that some of them are additionally charged. Besides roundabouts, slides and swings, the kids are sure to enjoy forest adventures, mini roller coaster rides, get endlessly entertained in the House of Mirrors, and more. Pony rides and puppet shows are available for the youngest visitors.

L’Ile de Robinson


The ‘Robinson’s Island’ is a unique indoor amusement park in Europe, suitable for families with children between 4 and 12 years of age. The fun begins in New York, prior to Robinson’s journey, and continues on the deserted island. In child-sized New York, the young ones can pretend to be doctors, blacksmiths or other characters while making their way through secret passages they are supposed to discover.

Once on the island, safe passages of the city are replaced by adventure trails infested with enemies, with children finding their way through on their own. Once the quest is about to end, kids and their parents are reunited in exhibition rooms.

Additional engaging theme parks of Paris

If you are in Paris anytime from March to May, you should visit the Foire du Throne festival. Its fun park, with numerous attractions, rides and activities, will certainly delight you. The Starlight and Spin Ball rides are especially amusing.

An amusement park in the Jardin des Tuileries takes place in summer, and aside from rides and activities suitable for children, the adults can take a Ferris wheel ride that reveals the panorama of Paris.

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