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Become a passionate gourmand with

Discovering local cuisines around the world is something each traveller should look forward to. After all, it is an essential part of a travelling experience. But, in truth, most people wander around trying to find an authentic dining experience, failing most of the time. If you happen to be among those, you will be glad to take a look at The website connects chefs and gourmands, and it is only a matter of time when it will allow you to choose your favorite dining experience anywhere in the world.

So far, gives you an opportunity to enjoy dishes prepared by locals in more than 200 cities throughout the world. Some of those are renowned culinary destinations (Paris, Seattle, Amsterdam…) while others are on the right track to become ones. With Eatwith – Paris, you are on the winning side either way.

What is about?

Once you open the main page of the website, you can pick out your preferred destination (Paris, Cape Town, New York…). Next, browse menus, prices, types of cuisine and everything else you are interested in. For example, you can book a cooking class or a dinner for two among other opportunities. You are also welcome to sign-in as a host if you would like to offer to travellers a piece of your culinary magic. is also an excellent opportunity for you to connect with people around the world that share your interests, befriend with them and exchange experiences.

How works?

The concept of primarily caters to people appreciating a unique experience within a close circle. You can choose to organize or attend a tasting, a gala dinner and anything in between. If you offer a dining experience, you don’t need to be available at all times. Specify the location, times, prices and how many guests you are willing to serve. As a guest, you can browse dates, types of cuisine (French, Italian…) and events (brunch, cooking class…) among everything else.

More so, each offer is accompanied with a detailed description that lets you know what to expect of it. For instance, you can book a gastronomic dinner without really knowing what it is about. But, once you read the description, you will learn that chef in Paris offers you a traditional French meal accompanied with an aperitif, 2 types of wine, 2 starters and a dessert. Or if you aren’t that hungry, you can opt for a “So French” dinner, with an aperitif, starter, main course and 2 desserts.

Furthermore, allows guests to evaluate their hosts and experiences, which ensures the best benefit-cost ratio. As a guest, you can rate the overall experience, quality of food and cleanliness.

Additional benefits and information

As you browse the various options on, you will notice interesting ones occasionally. For example, some hosts grant the freedom to their guests to bring a preferred beverage with them. Times and the duration are also specified, as well as the venue where you will have your experience. If you come to Paris, most services take place in apartments, which ensures an especially authentic experience in a pleasant ambiance.

You can also browse price ranges in order to know exactly how much you will pay. Prices range from a few dozen to a few hundreds of euros in Paris. Additionally, people with special needs are also taken care of. A filter for a wheelchair access is available, as well as for a particular type of diet. If you are a vegan or tolerate only gluten-free dishes, you will easily find a service that suits you the best on

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