Paris Street Food Places

Top 6 Paris Street Food Places

Paris is certainly known throughout the world for its exceptional “grande cuisine” and its fancy restaurants. However, these fancy restaurants are not part of most Parisians’ life, and should not obscure the great diversity of street food restaurants that can be found in the capital....

canal-saint-martin Top 5 Paris Neighborhoods

Top 5 Paris Neighborhoods

This article will help you structure your visit in Paris and get a small overview of the different Paris neighborhoods. This time we're going to talk about TOP 5 PARIS NEIGHBORHOODS. Before we embark on this list, here are a few general remarks. First, if...

Street Art Places In Paris

Top 5 Street Art Places In Paris

What you are going to read in this article is quite different than any other touristic guide articles as street art in Paris is still very underground, sometimes restricted to those that know where to find it. Read through this short list carefully, and go...

Eiffel Tower

Paris History – The Eiffel Tower

It would not be a mistake to say that the Eiffel Tower is Paris’s most famous monument. It is intriguing to see that this tower, a big brown metallic tower built in the late 19th century is the most iconic building of Paris, a city...

canal-saint-martin Top 5 Paris Neighborhoods

A Short Guide To The Canal Saint Martin

Formerly restricted to commercial freight and water supply of the French capital, the Canal Saint-Martin (Saint-Martin channel) provides a unique landscape to all lovers of the capital, and the ideal setting for Parisian walks and wanderings....