Culture in Paris manifests itself in various forms. You can hardly walk 100 meters in the French capital without perceiving some piece of it, be it in a form of art, architecture, cultural event or something else. Finally, a wealth of cultural opportunities had enthroned Paris as the ‘City of Culture’ a long time ago.

Paris architecture

The city architecture and landscape are the first things that amaze both newcomers and repeated Paris visitors. And its iconic landmarks are there only to begin with. If you pay attention while getting around, you can always find some interesting detail or ornamentation decorating structures you are passing by. A tree was planted wherever it was convenient and green spaces, monuments or fountains decorate even the smallest of squares.

The Tour Eiffel is truly quite a monument, but do also appreciate Gothic, Renaissance, Art Nouveau and other beautiful medieval and modern structures. The Fondation Louis Vuitton is among the most striking modern buildings in Paris and a modern art museum. Gothic architecture, which elevated the construction on a higher level during the Middle Ages, came to existence just in France. In Paris and its vicinity, you can see a couple of the very finest Gothic examples in the world, including the Notre Dame Cathedral, the Basilica Saint Denis and the Beauvais Cathedral.

Paris cultural manifestations

You can always come to the French capital and find some interesting public event to attend. Paris is renowned for its captivating art exhibitions, festivals, movie screenings and performing art cultural events throughout the year.

In addition to permanent exhibitions, Paris’ museums and art galleries stage temporary ones on a regular basis. And you shouldn’t seek them out only in the most prestigious museums, such as the Louvre. Do take a look at the Maison Victor Hugo, the Monnaie de Paris and others.

From spring to fall, you can take part in various open-air events, including concerts in the city streets, squares and expansive parks. Newly released and cult movies are also screened, in summer in particular.

Performing art events, including ballet and dancing shows, are performed by leading French and international artists. Tango, salsa and flamenco dances are only a small part of a huge spectrum of dance forms that are represented in Paris throughout the year.

Concert and theatrical events

The French capital city disposes of numerous concert venues and theatres, some of which are among the most acclaimed in the world. Classical music has a long history in Paris, and some of the best venues for appreciating those are the Philharmonie de Paris, the Theatre des Champs-Elysees and the Palais Garnier. The Philharmonie mostly stages symphonic concerts, while the Theatre is renowned worldwide as one of the finest opera venues. The Palais is a home to Ballet de l’Opera de Paris, and stages dancing and ballet performances the most.

Theatres and other entertaining venues are numerous in Paris. The Theatre du Chatelet, along with the Palais Garnier, is among the leading venues. It stages spectacular opera, operetta, ballet and other performances. Some of the world’s best composers performed there thanks to the theatre’s impeccable acoustics. Some other major theatres in the city are Theatre Mogador, Theatre de la Ville and Bobino.

Other cultural opportunities in Paris

Fashion is still another unavoidable part of the French capital’s culture. Paris Fashion Week is held twice a year, and numerous famous fashion designers made of Paris the “Capital of Fashion”. Finally, the French know how food should be enjoyed the best. Thus, start touring the city restaurants (especially in Montmartre) and related fairs to discover how it is done by the professionals.

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