How Tourists Should Practice Safety in Paris?

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How Tourists Should Practice Safety in Paris?

Post by David_Olliver » Fri Nov 03, 2017 11:00 am

Be vigilant in the street:
- it is best to carry a small bag across your shoulder or wear a concealed pounch rather than a back pack;
- carry a minimum of cash with you;
- don't keep your wallet in a back pocket;

On public transport:
- don't leave your baggage unattended;
- don't let anyone go behind you through the ticket barrier;
- never buy tickets from illegal street sellers: they will charge you much more. Use the ticket desks and ticket machines in train stations and metro stations

- Propect your vehicle from being stolen:
- lock the doors and boot and make sure you close the windows of your vehicle;
- don't leave valuable objects where they can be seen

In public places:

- don't change cyrrency in the street, go to a bureaxu de change;
- at ATMs, cover the keypad to hide your PIN and do not let yourself be distracted by anyone
- make payments with small notes
- don't wear expensive jewellery in an ostentatious way

Read the complete Guide to staying safe in Paris

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Re: How Tourists Should Practice Safety in Paris?

Post by travelmate » Sat Nov 04, 2017 4:20 pm

Great guide! Thanks for sharing. Never is enough talking about travel safety tips

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Re: How Tourists Should Practice Safety in Paris?

Post by moonlight » Mon Nov 06, 2017 6:30 am

Thank you for sharing such great tips about travel safety. I want to share my experience about Paris. Well, honestly I never read recommendations about street safety and I even didn't know that I have to buy tickets from Metro machines. Below you can find my suggestions:

1. It was my first experience in Paris Metro and I had no idea how those ticket machines work. I was traveling with a friend. Then a young girl came and offered me 2 tickets for "lower" price that the regular one. I was really happy because someone decided to help us. I paid her and she used those tickets to help us to pass the barrier. After that she didn't give us those tickets, she stayed behind the barrier and disappeared. Actually, we lost money and had to buy additional tickets.
2. The second history is about drunk Raksha driver. If you decide to use some sort of "original transport" first of all read the price they have placed on their bikes. And pay attention to the driver. If he offers lower prices, ask for confirmation and carefully read the prices the driver offers per person.

3. The third negative experience is related to street sellers. I wont waste your time the article the guys put above will resolve your doubts and for sure they will help you more than my simple suggestions.

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