Top 10 foods to try in Paris

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Top 10 foods to try in Paris

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What would Paris be without its amazing cuisine? Paris is not only a great food city; it is also the capital of French gastronomy. Here is a short guide of the ten most iconic places and foods to try in this wonderful city.
General Guidelines:

Before embarking on this gastronomical journey through the streets of Paris, here are a few general guidelines to avoid any bad surprises:

1. Meal structure

In France, a starter is called “entrée”, a main course is called “plat principal” or simply “plat”, and desserts are called “desserts” (this one is not too hard to remember). In general, bistro and restaurants menus will be composed of entrée, plat and dessert. Sometimes, you will see that a “fromage” (cheese) could be ordered between the plat and the dessert.

2. Wines

The French traditionally drink wine with lunch and/or dinner depending on the occasion. The best way to choose a wine in France is to ask the waiter, or in higher-end restaurants, the sommelier (wine expert), to help you find the wine that best suits your food, tastes and budget.

3. Tipping policy

In France, service and taxes are included in prices. What you see on the menu is eventually what you pay. You tip the waiter depending on the quality of the service only.

4. Reservation

As many of the restaurants listed below are very busy, we advise you to book a table before going to the location.

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