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Halloween Experience in Paris and France

Nobody likes to get scared. Unless we choose a time and a place for that. Thankfully, with Halloween at the doorstep, options are plentiful. France is as good a place for spending the popular holiday as some. But, it is still better than most others. For that, many people will come for Halloween to Paris and France. If you are among them, plan visiting some place mentioned in this article for the best experience.

Le Manoir de Paris

If you consider yourself bold and have 12 years of age at least, Le Manoir de Paris is the right place for you to put your limits to the test. With zombies everywhere and terrifying special effects, this place is way the scariest one in Paris for the Halloween.

Have you already been there and think you have experienced everything? Don’t be so sure. This year (2017), Le Manoir de Paris surpassed itself in a few ways. And chilling of the blood is among them. Therefore, prepare for the worst before you subdue yourself to dark rituals, instruments from a nightmare and to the mercy of the horde of hostile creatures. Consider yourself warned!


Nigloland is a family amusement park near Troyes, some 200 kilometers away from Paris. The park celebrates the 30th anniversary in 2017, and (how unfortunate) it becomes infested with nasty creatures around the Halloween. But, this doesn’t have to be bad by itself. Besides dozens of attractions and shows, Nigloland organizes an appropriate program for the occasion.

So, if you dare to visit the park until November 5, this is what you will find there:

  • From 5:30 pm to nightfall, you will witness what witches are up to in Witches Village; if you need a love potion or wish for a delicious soup, go there.
  • Wish to see the world’s strongest man? You are at the right place.
  • You have never seen someone’s live transformation into a werewolf? Now is the time.
  • Among other performances, attend a musical show performed by a skeleton orchestra.

La forêt de Brocéliande

People preferring a different type of amusement should head to the forest of Brocéliande near Rennes. Being a mythical place, this forest revives ghosts of Arthurian legends. As you walk around, stories about elves, Merlin’s imprisonment and eternal youth will be unveiled before you.

Visit the fairy-tale Chateau de Comper by a lake. There, recapitulate known scenes from the legends and discover new ones. Before you get into the forest, take a map from a tourist office. Only with it you can hope to find the Fountain of Eternal Youth. Finally, take shelter in the Castle of Trecesson, infested with ghosts, once you summon the rain from the Berenton Fountain. Finally, those truly courageous may enter the “Valley of no return” to test their mettle.

Le Chateau de la Dame Blanche

In the Dordogne province, the Puymartin Castle has its Halloween experience every day. There is a tragic story related to this castle, which explains a lot.

Caught by a husband with her lover, a lady was imprisoned behind a walled door for punishment. Only a tiny hatch was left for her to receive food. Since her death, many people stated that they saw a spectral figure haunting the Puymartin Castle’s premises during the night. The White Lady (Dame Blanche) visits her room and walks on the stairways among other places. And she never makes a sound.

If you wish to confirm the story, come to Le Chateau de la Dame Blanche after 10 pm, on Halloween or any other day.

La Citadelle

A former military bastion, La Citadelle de Bitche proves to be a masterpiece of the military engineering. Located 70 kilometers north of Strasbourg, the fortress features underground passages perfect for the celebration of Halloween. On selected dates until October 30, you can descend to hidden spots of the citadel and stare at a face of surpassed fears of the past or present.

Halloween celebrations in Paris

If you, however, prefer staying in the City of Lights, you have many options, as well.

For example, you can book the Halloween Ghostly Tour. It takes you back to a creepy past of the French capital. On the tour, you will hear scary stories and visit dark places that will make your imagination go wild. At the end of the 2-hour guided tour, you will attend a medieval-style banquet, which would be a fitting end of a memorable experience.

Also, you can check out the Grevin Museum’s Halloween experience. There, you will find an appropriate décor and events suitable for all ages.

Disneyland Paris (until November 5) and Parc Asterix (from October 28 to October 31) also organize unforgettable events. Attend shows performed by popular characters and witness places out of nightmares you won’t wish to dream of while sleeping.

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