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Things you can do in Paris in Autumn

Paris is a very romantic city. But if you haven’t been in Paris in Autumn, you know only half of it. Albeit we don’t usually associate fall as a holiday season, coming to Paris just then is very rewarding. The arrival of this season sees the reflux of tourist crowds, so you can tour popular places with greater ease. More so, the city becomes coated with warm colors, which makes it even more admiring. Finally, the night falls sooner, revealing the most romantic face of Paris earlier than in the summer.

Hence, it is obvious that you can find many good reasons to visit Paris in autumn. There are many things you can do, and we suggest you to consider the following ones among all others:

Paris in Autumn: Entertainment

Halloween in Disneyland

Disneyland Paris is a place packed with action non-stop. And for the 25th anniversary of the amusement park, you can enjoy many interesting festivals as a bonus. And that isn’t all. Since the Halloween festival runs until the 5th of November this year (2017), it gets even better.

Your little ones will enjoy spending time with costumed characters of the show. Among others, Maleficent, Captain Hook and the Evil Queen from Snow White take part in it. Besides, kids are sure to like Goofy’s Skeleton Street Party, attended by popular characters wearing the festive outfit. So secure your admission ticket that includes transfer from Paris and spend marvelous time in this fairy tale land.

Order a portrait of you


Montmartre is the bohemian hub of Paris and you can do many things there. Visiting the Sacre Coeur Basilica is one of the highlights by most people. And while you are there, take a nearby corner or two and access the famous Place du Tertre.

Once you are there, two things will become obvious at the first glance. The abundance of bistros is one and a lot of painters is another. While walking the square, you will trace the footsteps of many artists that used to live in Montmartre. And, of course, you are going to wish to have a portrait of you or your loved one done the same instant. Any of the painters working in the square will be willing to help you with that. So take a seat, strike a deal and go home with a unique souvenir from the City of Culture.

Autumn festivals

Paris is a very rich destination all year round when it comes to public events. And Paris in autumn isn’t any different from other seasons in that regard. So, if you are a fan of musical, visual art, dancing or some other types of events, you are at the right place.

Karla Black is a Scottish sculptor. She exhibits her art pieces in the Musée des Archives Nationales (Oct 20 to Nov 20) and the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Paris (Oct 20 to Jan 7). This artist creates innovative items from everyday materials, such as soap and cotton wool.

Lucia Calamaro introduces a theatrical show (Nov 7 to Nov 15) named “La Vita ferma. Sguardi sul dolore del ricordo”. Elaborating the sadness caused by the loss of a loved one, the story introduces a father, mother and a daughter. Besides sadness, matters of self-questioning and feeling of guilt are also elaborated.

Jerome Bell’s “Gala” is a dancing performance. Taking place until late December, this representation of art introduces professional and amateur participants. The idea of these performing art shows is to inspire innovation.

Find interesting clubs in strange places

The Paris club scene is as diverse as any other. And some clubs that you can find in unusual places confirm the fact. You will find some of them occupying facilities from different ages. A former forge or an Art Deco building are as likely places to shelter clubs as any other.

Le Reservoir is a “forge club” near Bastille. It combines Baroque decoration and attracts performers that are popular around the world. A concert hall, great restaurant and a cocktail bar are some facilities that promise a great time in combination with great performances.

Le Grand Rex, behind the Art Deco façade, is the largest European cinema, built during the 1930s. Its basement level, however, is a place popular among the clubbers. And small wonder since some of the world’s most popular DJs perform regularly there.

Nature and Culture

Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire

This interesting chateau is a historic and a place of great beauty. Set in a beautiful environment, it stages cultural events as well. The one currently going (October 2017) is the garden festival named Flower Power. As for the theme of this festival, let’s just say that it centers on how flowers will be in use for decorative purposes in the 21st century.

From October 21 to November 5, Domaine de Chaumont-sur-Loire organizes the Autumn Splendours event. The primary goal of this event is the celebration of the beauty brought to us by the autumn.

While you are there, take a chance and tour the chateau, its grounds and stables.

Alphabet of Fashion

Why to visit the Musée Yves Saint-Laurent?



Devotees of fashion should be very enthusiastic about this museum. It is here where you can get a closer look how Yves Saint-Laurent set high standards in fashion. At this very place, the designer created masterpieces that celebrated him throughout the world.

The acclaimed designer was asked once to express himself about the posterity. His answer was that he wishes his works to be studied after his lifetime. You decide whether his tuxedos, dresses and other clothes still inspire the creators once you observe this museum’s exhibits.

Nightlife in Paris

Interesting show venues

You can describe many places in the City of Lights as interesting. Some venues where show goes on are among them.

If you happen to be a fan of bowls, Chez Bouboule is the place you would like to visit. You can choose to eat and drink, but playing popular petanque is the reason most people come here. And if you don’t like bowls, a table football should prove to be just the thing for anyone, including you.

La Bellevilloise offers everything for someone and something for everyone. That’s the only description for a place where you can hear tunes of Reggae, Funk, Hip Hop and some other types of music. Besides, if you like good atmosphere, food and drinks, do yourself a favor and visit La Bellevilloise.

Food and drink

Where to go to eat great chocolates…



While you are spending time in Paris, a piece of chocolate now and then would come in handy, right? Finding a chocolate shop is probably the easiest thing in the French capital. So, such a great delicacy isn’t far-off in any case. Especially not if you visit the Musée du Chocolat in Rue d’Hauteville.

But if you prefer hot over ordinary chocolate, head to the Angelina tea house in Rue de Rivoli. The thing is that you might feel dizzy about the price. However, once you swallow the first sip of their “chocolate chaud”, the cost won’t matter at all.

… and enjoy great cocktails

Le Kult is a place where you won’t know which cocktail to try first. The bistro has around a dozen signature cocktails. Located in the Le Saint hotel, Le Kult also offers a casual dining experience.

The Hotel, built during the 1820s, has always attracted popular celebrities. Until you taste its signature cocktails, you will just presume that Grace Kelly, Jim Morrison and Salvador Dali were coming here because of them.

Romantic bars of Paris

Night Flight is among the places that delight with their appealing design and mood. More so, its signature drinks make quite an impression, and not only because of their prices. You can start with the Signature cocktail and proceed with Vol de Nuit afterward. Don’t feel the guilt if you don’t stop there.

Also, check out the Mama Shelter bar in the hotel of the same name. If the weather is nice, go there to have a dinner under the stars with your better half.

So Parisian bars

Le Deux Magots, located in the Saint-Germain-des-Pres, was always a popular place among the intellectuals. Besides the aforementioned places, you can find a fine hot chocolate here as well.

The Champagne Bar atop the Tour Eiffel allows you to enjoy a fine drink with the finest views of Paris.

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