Streets of paris - Rue d’Abreuvoir

The Most Famous and Beautiful Streets of Paris

It isn’t said for nothing that Paris is best explored on foot. Close proximity from one top attraction to another is surely one of the reasons, but walking through streets of Paris reveals to you everything that makes the French capital city endlessly charming. Along...

Top 5 Places to Visit in Paris

The 6th arrondissement is located at the heart of Paris Albeit visiting top attractions of Paris takes a lot of time, some lesser-known ones shouldn’t be left behind. So, try adding some of the places suggested in this article to your plan. You will be...


7 Amazing Treasures You Should Discover In Paris

But, Paris is a lot more than that. This article will show you 7 hidden treasures of the city that you should discover. In summer and other very touristy holidays such as Christmas, the capital tends to become rather crowded; it is sometimes good to...